Monday, September 23, 2013

red friday and white tuesday

Ron it's Red Friday - wake up !!!!  well skats going back to bed - you enjoy your red friday in your red speedo = hope ya run into one of the guys and he beats ya ass in the ring - know you'd love that -  hugs bears and sissors too 

love yas all!!!!! work those tight abs Nate !!!!! Skats just loves it to Al --Colt ya make sure Mickey doing well - Si gittin your grey one's on to eh?  Felix love that green shirt and CAR 2. 

it's white tuesday guys - are the tans leaving ya abs? the sun's not gleaming as bright on the bois in the speedo's as it did a few weeks ago here in the upper part of the United States of America - so bois are not at the beaches as much -- which means the jeans are BACK!!!! yippeeeee - so cover up those white briefs today with some tight fittin saggy jeans.  Ya wear a white shirt today ok!!!!!  forget about the abs for a few months - wear a smile and grin today eh bois!!!!  Skats n I love ya and when ya ready to be tucked in bed - let us know and we'll verify for all the ytube fans ya wearin white today kkkkkkkkkk????PPPPPP;-)))))- Skats says he;'ll tuck ya in and then show ya his white speedo for fun if ya wants!!!!! 
I'd take em up - he works out every day!!!!! Email us back for time ya need Skats to tuck y in! 


Friday, September 20, 2013

Red Friday

Friday Share - is red day - things that are red other than red speedo you can have on - a red face from embarrassment of someone seeing your new see thru red nylon brief underwear at the gym!!! oh what abs go with that smiling face  - can you think of anything else that might be red in which you migh have on!!!!  - a  red --------- hugs from Skats n Ron for Red Friday - hope ya enjoying our fun - added a few guys on this week - so REDCome!!!!! Always like emails and we are trying to send comments back asap -  gotta find some red one's now Skats for ya - laters n fun! 


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sitting in the offices of YT wrestling alliance in California in front of owner of the league, Al, are a couple of new kids, very young and eager to join in on the fun. They are tall - around 180-190 pounds, skinny and kinda real young -round the teen age years and very little experience in wrestling - but they want to start.

Al says to em - guys I gotta see ya in action - i'll sign ya up for one match- then see how ya do. We'll tape it and if its trash we'll just throw it on the tube and hope a few views get there, if its ok we'll sell it and ya guys will get 25% of the revenue over a year, deal? Both Cem and Nate node in agreement. Al throw a piece of paper contract down, saying its a general form, need yas to sign this, basically holding me not liable for any injuries etc. I will start ya out with a couple of guys alot lighter than yas so dont worry, you'll be ok. They have some experience, have not won a match as a team yet, but they are fun and heheeh a sexy dual. Nate, wants to know more about the contract and Cem signs it saying hey dude, its our chance to get some exposure eh - let's go for it!!!!! They both do.

Al asks what kind of a match ya want? Pro style, high school, matt action, ring action, what have ya's done. And we got outfits for ya speedos, jocks, jeans, tights, what ya prefer or bring ya own gear. Oh gotta name ya guys as a team, let's see - ya lanky and tall and handsome so why dont I call ya the "Ab Bois" and well get ya some gear to show off ya hard working area. eh ? I got some half shirts out back that will be cool with ya jeans what ya say. ok the Abs Bois grin in agreement.

Al gets up after the Ab Bois leave and goes into the locker room - looking for his light weigh champs, skats and ron - figuring he could work there bodies over for some fun as Al is real gym rate, and the champs are both light weights, of 140 and 145 pounds each and when he get's a new wrestling guy he likes to go in and work over the champs just because he is the BOSS --- R & S are just getting in for the day, they have a class to teach wrestling to, pro style so they are getting into there speedos when Al walks in. Graps em by the back of the neck, then the thigh and picks em up on each shoulder and carries em to the matt - R&S know Al's ways so lots of grins and a few punches at his upper torso, makes Al more determined to mess hard with em today!!!! lots of throws to the ropes catches and then a full body slam and Skats is out of it. Ron counts to 3 and Skats is down and not moving at all. His yellow speedo ah has been ripped thru the force of the slam.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Ron & Skats wrestle Jackson & Al (Part 1)

Heard from Skats that Al feels like a wrestling match - tag team - Al ans J vs Ron and Skats, I know they out weight Skats n I by some 100 pounds each but we will try right skats?

Its a ring match - yeah lots of throwing against the ropes, maybe being tied into the ropes. - and stuff. Only thing is Al didnt mention what the looser and winner situation is - I mean should we wrestle for nothing? Usually its a fight over some hunk or girl - or a name calling and the other guy needs to say dah sorry - i was wrong - so its hard for me to write a wrestling event without a prize? Once I know that or should I make up a Prize?

Well get started anyways and see how it goes. Outfits???? dah - really I know im gonna be squashed against a ring pole, most likely tied to some ropes and maybe even body slammed a few times so why would I want to wreck my new jeans I just put on skats? Are there fans watching the match? Need to know that stuff too !!!!!!

Maybe we will not start till we get some answers, but all are here,, I see Jackson in his red speedo over there, Al is a bit different - what he have on - a office tee shirt and some kackies pants? for wrestling and he wanted this match? Skats ya go over there and tell em its wrestling not office duty k?

Skats goes over and ya know skats finger in the face and all, and he tries to tell Al to get in wrestling jear, gee ron doesnt even want to trash some new jeans and your in a office attire!!!! get it off yells Skats!!! oh he's brave that 140 pound dude!!!!

Al is so kind he gently looks at Skats in the face, and says ill wear or not wear what I want little guy - ya go back to your corner with the dude who just took of his jeans and wants to show his fine shapped body and when the bell rings I will take care of what needs to be done. Skats being brave shoves at Al and shoves him into the ropes --- ah Al looses his balance and into the arm of Jackson he falls. The bell rings!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

these bois forgot all there clothes -- way many of there clothes -- think they are fine?

well couple of guys nameless and shirtless n skins team wants me to upday the blog --- so here are some lasy pics that we had on the bg bois over the last few months - years times
I really dont like em to be gone away - so they are hanging around here awhile ;-)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

auctioning country boi Evan !

I think i've seen some cowbois in jeans n cow boi hat - - - leaving there shirt at the stall ? wander around - Texas is hawt this time of year ;-)